2016 Rising PR Stars: Mollie Wagoner, Account Manager, Live Wire Media Relations, LLC

Mollie Wagoner’s charisma and people skills make her a natural at forging genuine connections with journalists, and her shrewd judgment on story angles and pitches demonstrates that she is quickly mastering the management of her carefully cultivated connections.

Wagoner's ability to clearly communicate objectives and campaign progress to clients in a formal, professional, yet relatable manner shows maturity in client management far beyond her 23 years. She has particularly grown in working with difficult clients, speaking truth to power through her own blend of honesty and strategic counsel.

Wagoner is always eager to participate in brainstorming sessions, bringing new ideas and pushing teammates to think differently when approaching a problem or challenge. Her leadership in the office is palpable; veterans and newcomers alike stop by her desk for feedback on their pitches or strategic plans. Wagoner always offers thoughtful direction, suggestions and encouragement, no matter the topic. Her hard work and dedication are magnified by her careful planning and keen eye on the future.