2016 Rising PR Stars: Kevin Turner, Senior Communications Manager, Vimeo

Kevin Turner is an outstanding example of what a young PR professional should be: His strategic mind for 360-degree PR campaigns is unmatched, his media rolodex robust and his drive to achieve the best results, inspiring.

In under two years at the company, Turner has made an incredibly positive and lasting impact on the Vimeo brand. Turner squarely put Vimeo Original programming on the map. While Vimeo doesn’t have the production budgets of Netflix or Amazon, Turner inserted Vimeo into the same conversations as these streaming giants. He also pioneered Vimeo’s first Emmy Award campaign, and under his leadership, Vimeo was awarded its first Emmy nomination.

Leading Vimeo Original publicity and events, Turner has overseen the launch of eight Vimeo Originals, all garnering critical praise. Vanity Fair praised the platform, stating that Vimeo programming “Exhibits how much online television… should just be called television.” Turner has taken on a leadership role in event marketing, and has led massive, multi-faceted activations at SXSW, San Diego and NY Comic-Con, the NAB Show and more.