2016 Rising PR Stars: Chelsea Ruka, Account Executive, MSLGROUP

Chelsea Ruka is a remarkable talent whose junior title, account executive, belies her talent, experience and achievements. She’s on a path straight to the top of the industry.

Ruka is remarkably polished, productive and very pleasant to work with. Across the board, her team applauds her achievements and cheers for her advancement. She’s the kind of employee who gladly steps up to lead and supports colleagues whenever called upon.

During a “Grown in the USA” retail promotion campaign, Ruka managed the development of several creative projects and conducted media outreach for MSLGROUP's client. Ruka helped to promote a large Midwest retailer’s store brand vegetable oil as “U.S.-grown 100% soybean oil”, increasing unit sales by more than 27 percent over the course of the campaign.

Ruka managed the timeline and budget of QUALISOY’s booth and activities at a major industry event in 2016. She oversaw creative development, managed the development of an educational session and helped to plan and coordinate traffic-driving activities like an icing sculptor in action.