2016 Rising PR Stars: Valerie Pritchard, Senior Digital Strategist, Makovsky

Valerie Pritchard shines as a creative, collaborative, organized and social media-savvy advisor. She approaches problems strategically and handles difficult situations with professionalism and a positive attitude.

Pritchard's advice has improved her firm’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn programs, and has enhanced the online presence of Makovsky client Thornburg’s top spokespeople. With the reconfiguration of Thornburg’s communications team, Pritchard now plays a more expanded role in content development and overarching social media strategy. She has helped Thornburg spend more effectively, containing costs while extending its reach.

One of Pritchard’s most notable contributions is her ability to tie Thornburg’s CSR and sponsorship initiatives to time-relevant and newsworthy events. Examples include a Bike to Work Day series, a 12 Days of Giving holiday initiative, National Museum Day, Earth Day and Summer in Santa Fe.

Though all of Pritchard's content initiatives have been meet with enthusiasm by the Santa Fe community, the Earth Day series was particularly successful. Earth Day posts seamlessly combined thought leadership with facts and imagery about the Santa Fe community, as well as Thornburg's role in contributing to the community’s culture and sustainability. The campaign was a success from beginning to end; the posts in the Earth Day series received an engagement rate of 3.8 percent, higher than any other posts on the same page.