2016 Rising PR Stars: Natalie Poston, Account Supervisor, H+K Strategies

Natalie Poston is both a consensus builder and the glue that binds the Chicago consumer marketing team at H+K Strategies. She captains her teams and assigns tasks that illustrate a clear vision for the company’s future while simultaneously offering assurance.

What’s most telling about Poston’s abilities is her capacity to lead from within the team; she creates and facilitates a shared, collective vision within her team and then inspires, influences and empowers her team to achieve above and beyond individual expectations. As a relative newcomer to the Chicago H+K Consumer team, her ability to build consensus within her team and clients makes her an invaluable asset to the Chicago group. Prior to H+K, Poston worked at Ketchum PR in their consumer lifestyle practice and produced large-scale commercial programming initiatives including a Cottonelle branded concert and tour with top-tier talent.