2016 Rising PR Stars: Jennifer Myers, Associate Vice President, Havas PR

Born and raised in Queens, New York, and based today in Long Island, Jennifer Myers has made New York City her oyster. Having already enjoyed an impressive career by the time she found her way to Havas at age 29 (she turned 30 this past April), she brings to every task the grace and poise she cultivated early on as a classically trained dancer.

Her first PR client out of college was Kanye West. (Yes, that guy). Once Myers was on board at Havas, she was immediately put on two of its most treasured accounts—Fox Restaurant Concepts and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation.

In her first month on the job, when most new employees would still be figuring out where the break room is, Myers was pulling in top-tier placements for Fox Restaurant Concepts. Myers personally saw to it that the restaurant group’s founder Sam Fox was quoted in an article about food trends on Forbes.com—an outlet Fox had told Havas was a top target for him.