2016 Rising PR Stars: Lliam Morrison,  Manager, Corporate Communications, Frontier Communications

At just 27, Lliam Morrison has already served as a top communications and policy advisor to two U.S. Congressmen, led multiple national corporate and political campaigns and currently works as one of the top communicators in a Fortune 500 company.

In each of these positions, Morrison has demonstrated leadership, an ability to inspire national teams and accomplish major change. In his current position, he was recently tasked with two major projects: running the press function of a national marketing campaign, and leading the corporate press operation in one of Frontier’s biggest markets during a $10 billion acquisition. Morrison's results include over $25 million in earned media for the campaign, with press hits in Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Fox Business, and The Chicago Tribune.

During the acquisition Morrison also developed relationships with press across a top five media market, and helped control the story during the process.