2016 Rising PR Stars: Adriana Lopez, Group Manager, The Axis Agency

Although Adriana Lopez started to specialize in social and digital media only three years ago, she has already made a significant impact at The Axis Agency with her fluency in all things digital.

Lopez has spent the last three years at Axis leading digital and social strategy for some of the agency's largest clients, including MasterCard, Kaiser Permanente and The Clorox Company. Her passion for the latest and greatest social and digital media trends have helped the agency stay abreast of rapid-fire changes in the industry. Lopez thinks big and puts forth those big ideas in front of clients that have come to trust her expertise and knowledge of the space.

Lopez specializes in creating strategies for cohesive, branded digital ecosystems and then executing campaigns against these strategies. She has experience crafting engaging, branded content for digital platforms, using social media as a strategic distribution channel and implementing digital, social and PR campaigns for businesses targeting Hispanic audiences in the U.S. and consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean.