2016 Rising PR Stars: Joanna Leis, Senior Account Executive, Finn Partners

In the two years that Joanna Leis has been at Finn Partners, she has become invaluable to the group and the agency. Leis consistently delivers great work, and approaches each day with a positive attitude.

In any given week, it is not unusual for Leis to be working on campaigns spanning subjects as diverse as energy efficiency and climate change, domestic violence prevention, women’s economic development, public art and urban revitalization, government innovation, the smart grid, Buddhism and meditation and STEM education.

Leis serves as the day-to-day client manager of Bloomberg Philanthropies, overseeing a seven-person account team spanning three offices. Focusing on six key areas including public health, women’s economic development, government innovation, environment, education and the arts, she mobilizes the team to garner media placement for various initiatives in each key area—and she ensures that the large team is supported by jumping into all of these areas as needed.