2016 Rising PR Stars: Hod Klein, Vice President, Vested

Hod Klein’s career shows what can be accomplished when an energetic, dedicated professional decides on a vertical specialty and completely owns it.

Klein recently joined Vested, a strategic communications firm that specializes in financial services as vice president. He previously worked in the asset management practice at Dukas Linden, playing a substantial role in helping it grow.

As a startup company, Vested moves at a rapid pace. Clients are demanding and the roster grows quickly. Growth comes with its own challenges, and within his first few days at Vested, Klein noticed that institutionalizing certain processes was in order. Specifically, he devised an on-boarding and training program for new staff.

Providing the youngest members of the Vested team with guidance not only has its internal benefits, but also creates a more well-rounded and adequately skilled team for clients. Klein knew that buy-in from his Vested coworkers was crucial to make this initiative a success. He made sure to involve them in the planning process, and allowed them to own different elements of the training process. The results yielded a smooth on-boarding process, staff members that felt in the loop from day one, and excitement among team members to invest and enhance the training process at Vested.