2016 Rising PR Stars: T. Andrew Huddleston, Digital Director, International Union, UAW

Andrew Huddleson joined the UAW (the labor union best known for representing hourly workers at Ford, GM and FCA-US) in 2011, when digital media wasn’t a big part of UAW's overall media strategy.

In June 2014, Huddleston became the director of a newly created Digital department tasked with finding new ways to use digital media to connect with the UAW’s membership, potential new members and the public at large.

Huddleston developed a strategic plan that focused on building the infrastructure to execute smart digital projects. This included redesigning the UAW website, transitioning to new online organizing and SMS tools, growing audiences and impact on social media and developing a UAW mobile application to get information about events and actions into the hands of members. He was successful on each count, cutting costs, implementing new tools and even winning a Webby People’s Voice Award from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences in 2016.