2016 Rising PR Stars: Tim Hogan, Managing Director, CLS Strategies

Since starting at CLS Strategies two years ago, Tim Hogan’s international work has included campaigns for presidential candidates in Africa and South America, political parties and corporations seeking to influence the political landscape within their respective countries.

For every international client, Hogan strives to understand the nuances of the political landscape within each country, as well as each country’s digital trends and available technologies.

Notably, Hogan's extensive work in Argentina on behalf of a leading candidate in its 2015 presidential election included developing messages and consulting on campaign visual identity specifics, as well as planning and executing a large-scale paid media campaign across social media and other digital platforms.

Hogan's work in Latin America extends to Venezuela, where he is responsible for overseeing numerous campaigns opposing the ruling political party. One such campaign that occurred ahead of the midterm election in 2015 resulted in victories for more than 100 congressional races, creating a congressional majority within Venezuela’s National Assembly.