2016 Rising PR Stars: Amy Ferraro, Senior Account Executive, Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide

Amy Ferraro relentlessly brings innovative plans to life as she translates what she learns from one campaign and applies it to the next. Always looking to optimize social influencers, Ferraro partners with them in ways that develop lasting relationships, and produces quality content that builds awareness and drives sales for her clients.

It’s not uncommon for Ferraro's programs to surpass impression and engagement goals by 10 percent or above. She engineered the P&G People’s Choice Awards program to demonstrate how influencers could give their readers VIP access by live tweeting and posting to Instagram from the red carpet during celebrity arrivals. Influencers Ferraro hand selected were tickled at the opportunity to give their audience front row access to the event. The content those influencers produced fueled engagement, drove awareness and ultimately sales of P&G beauty products.

Ferraro is not just a rising star in Blue Chip’s PR department, but a star within the entire agency. She taps every department at Blue Chip—digital, social, creative and others—to gather insights to provide integrated, best-in-class recommendations for clients.