2016 Rising PR Stars: Sasha Dookhoo, Senior Account Executive, PAN Communications

Sasha Dookhoo embodies what it means to be a true leader in PR. From daily client results to mentoring interns and being recognized by her peers in academia for exceptional work during her master’s program, Dookhoo meets responsibilities  head-on and goes above and beyond to meet her goals.

At PAN Communications, where clients lie primarily in the tech realm, Dookhoo focuses on niche, high-tech industries that push boundaries. Her relentless approach to PR has led to client exposure in key publications: The New York Times, USA TODAY, Newsweek and PC Magazine, to name a few.

Since joining the IDE Technologies account, Dookhoo has instituted a content calendar approach and social media monitoring tools to ensure engagement with followers. IDE’s LinkedIn page has since gained 430 new followers, 156 new Twitter followers. Across news sources, blogs and social media, IDE remains the leader for articles about desalination. Share of voice for the company reached 80 percent, significantly higher than its competitors.