2016 Rising PR Stars: Cait DeBaun, Director of Communications, Project: Time Off, U.S. Travel Association

Cait DeBaun’s achievements as the communications lead for U.S. Travel’s Project: Time Off—an initiative to get Americans to use their time off for the sake of the health, happiness, and professional success—have been enormous, as have her growth and development in the role.

DeBaun came to Project: Time Off with no media experience, but has since been the driving force behind over 300 million earned media impressions in just two years. Though not an event planner, DeBaun piloted the first Upside of Downtime Forum, which was such a success that it is being turned into an annual event. And though she was used to being behind-the-scenes for clients, DeBaun has stepped into a role where she interacts regularly with U.S. Travel board members, and has reinforced their confidence and trust in the work her organization does.