2016 Rising PR Stars: Lauren Craft, Public Relations Manager, Zeel

Lauren Craft joined the Zeel team on April 11, 2016. Her first 100 days would be the envy of most presidents—she quickly became an invaluable member of the Zeel team, racking up a roster of triumphs.

Craft has effectively pushed Zeel to new heights of press and brand awareness. During her first full month leading the team’s pitching efforts, Zeel garnered 48 press mentions and an estimated 2.15 million impressions—the most mentions in one month to date. Due to this overwhelming exposure, May 2016 also holds the record for most downloads of the Zeel app in one month.

Fast forward to July 28, 2016: Zeel had won another 141 media mentions since Craft’s start date, with over 4.1 million impressions in 108 days.

Craft led a sweepstakes on the @GetZeel Instagram account to give away tickets for an advance screening of "Bad Moms." This resulted in the highest engagement on any organic Zeel social post to date, with 122 comments, 98 new followers, and 86 likes.