2016 Rising PR Stars: Eileen Collins, Senior Manager, Executive Communications, Hilton

Eileen Collins has been seen as a leader from the moment she joined the Hilton team, but her abilities really shined when her director, the only other member of the executive communications team, went on maternity leave just six months into Collins’ Hilton career.

Collins was tasked with handling all executive communications during an incredibly busy time for the company, which included a global Team Member Appreciation Week and the announcement that Hilton would spin into three separate companies. Collins remained calm and focused and did not miss a beat for the four months she was the sole member of the team. Today, Collins continues to serve as a team leader—she manages the corporate communications intern and is helping to grow the executive communications function.

In just 12 short months, Collins has helped to firmly establish the executive communications function, broken down barriers to grow and expand the function and helped each of Hilton’s executives become more approachable to team members and more authentic in all of their communications. She is rightfully seen as a rising star within the Fortune 500 company, and her accomplishments to date are just the beginning of what she will accomplish for Hilton in the long term.