2016 Rising PR Stars: Alexandra Abrams, Corporate Communications Leader, Boeing

Alexandra Abrams currently works for The Boeing Company, serving on the corporate communications team at the World Headquarters in Chicago, and provides executive communications support to Boeing’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Heidi Capozzi.

With more than eight years of communications experience, Alexandra's specialties include compelling storytelling, technologies to engage passive audiences, bringing excellence to her work and delivering value for customers and media alike.

What gets Alexandra excited? Space exploration, sales enablement, driving new business through digital and developing relationships with media.

Previously, Abrams was a marketing communications manager for GE Sponsor Finance, a unit of GE Capital and the top provider of senior debt financing to U.S. middle market, private equity-backed companies, providing $27 billion in financing in 2014.

Before joining GE Sponsor Finance, Abrams was a member of GE’s Communications Leadership Development Program (CLDP) and served on the GE Capital, Rail Services team, where she led a renovation of the business’ advertising strategy and public website, in addition to a number of customer engagement initiatives.