2016 PR People Awards: Internal Communicator of the Year

Winner: Sean Jamieson, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication, Bank of America

Sean Jamieson took the lead on two important projects designed to make Bank of America (BOA) simpler, safer and more straightforward. The first focused on separating its retail and institutional broker-dealer activities. Jamieson’s role was to ensure that employees understood why BOA was making this change and how they could support the transition. This was accomplished through a variety of channels, including leadership messages, FAQ’s and town hall meetings.

The second project involved significant structural changes to the Finance team to improve efficiency. In this case, hundreds of Finance professionals were asked to move into new roles or accept new responsibilities. Jamieson played a central role in helping BOA employees see the big picture while recognizing the impact these moves would have on individuals. He designed and executed a comprehensive strategy to ensure that communications were timely, informative and focused on the important goals of the transformations.

He also has supervised a quarterly forum wherein BOA brings together speakers from across the organization to discuss topics of interest. The goal of this forum is to broaden awareness within the finance function so employees feel informed and engaged. The sessions have been well-received and have drawn record attendance. The second quarter session, featuring a panel discussion about the organizational changes mentioned above, drew the largest crowd in the 5-year history of the series with nearly half of the CFO group population attending. This quarterly forum has been highlighted as a key learning opportunity for finance professionals and an important contributor to employee satisfaction scores.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Brianna Cody, SAP
  • Lisa Hannum, Beehive Strategic Communication
  • Aaron Sherinian, United Nations Foundation