2016 PR People Awards: PR Professional of the Year: Agency

Winner: Lesley Sillaman, Senior Vice President, Global, Havas PR

A senior team member in Havas’ Pittsburgh office and senior vice president of global, Lesley Sillaman has played a vital role in many of the agency’s successes over the last decade.

To name just a few in the past year, Sillaman coordinated the Global Collective’s successful pitch for the Pringles account in the EMEA region (and now coordinates with the lead Havas agency in the U.K. to manage and execute common creative and strategies for Pringles in seven key markets) and led interagency accounts with Havas Paris, including several economic development campaigns and projects with scope in the U.S.

For Havas’ global Sodexo account, Sillaman spearheaded the effort to secure its key market consolidation. She also remained a critical member of the PR and marketing team that supports Havas’ Transitions Optical account (Pittsburgh’s largest client), and she served as the marketing contact for Transitions’ partner agencies.

Among Sillaman's accomplishments as account lead for Sodexo: the first Sodexo Quality of Life Conference in New York in May 2015, as well as development and implementation of an executive positioning strategy for its CEO and other top executives involving high-level media tours, speaking engagements, op-eds and interviews.

Sillaman has generated more than 50 million impressions for Sodexo and the Quality of Life Conference. And for Transitions Optical’s line of sun wear products, Sillaman has shaped the positioning and messaging for all products while also handling media relations and keeping client satisfaction so high that the agency was recently invited to pitch for a larger piece of its business.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Christophe Ginisty, FTI Consulting
  • Jason Morris, InkHouse