Nonprofit PR Awards 2015: Publications

Co-Winner: American Society of Clinical Oncology — The State of Cancer Care in America: 2014

In March of 2014, the American Society of Clinical Oncology released The State of Cancer Care in America: 2014, which examined sweeping demographic, economic and oncological trends that will have a significant impact on cancer care in the United States over the coming years. In launching the publications ASCO established itself as a major thought leader in assessing and shaping the future of cancer care in the United States. More specifically, the report sought to educate policy-makers and other influencers about the growing demand for cancer care services, the increasing complexity of cancer treatment, escalating cancer care costs, the anticipated shortage of oncologists and the threats to the visibility of small oncology practices.

The rollout of ASCO’s inaugural report was a stunning success, which received widespread media coverage at both the national and local level. As a result of a local radio tour, ASCO secured 1,703 news stories on 1,361 stations and reached over 8 million listeners. The report continues to be referenced by the media as an authoritative source of cancer care trending data, including a recent article by Medscape, which reached nearly 68,000 readers.

Co-Winner: Pioneer Human Services

Pioneer Human Services’ 2013 annual report was developed to succinctly combine the celebration of its 50-year anniversary in a commemorative publication, while also reporting on its diverse treatment, housing and employment programs over the past year. Pioneer developed the commemorative annual report beginning at founder Jack Dalton’s incarceration and moved through his founding of Pioneer as a halfway house for individuals with criminal histories with an emphasis on sober living and personal responsibility.

In previous years, Pioneer has had an extra stock of copies of the annual report at the end of the year. However, this year the annual report was requested and distributed at a much higher rate than previous years, which is a testament to its success. The report served as a door opener for Pioneer’s conducting 90 percent more meeting with policy-makers this year that provided an opportunity to discuss barriers their clients face and to advocate for sound public policy that helps support their transition into the community.

Honorable Mentions

  • Compassion International - Compassion Magazine
  • Cultural Vistas - We Are Cultural Vistas, 2013 Annual Report
  • Nexus – Cornerstone Magazine
  • Reputation Architects - Enhancing Lives, Transforming Care: ArchCare 2013 Report to Stakeholders