Nonprofit PR Awards 2015: Natural Disaster/Crisis Communications

Winner: The Allstate Foundation and Points of Light — Disaster Preparedness Kit Building Events

To help 1.5 million Americans be more prepared for disasters, The Allstate Foundation partnered with Points of Light to support the Good & Ready initiative. By empowering individuals, families and communities to volunteer and become better prepared, Good & Ready aims to create a more disaster resilient nation.

The campaign’s partners orchestrated 14 disaster preparedness events across the country where participants would create their own emergency starter kits. The events were paired with an existing local event, like a fair, family day or 5k run to leverage existing high-traffic locations. Across the nation over 10,000 individuals and families were informed about the need to be prepared. Post-event surveys indicated the 97 percent felt more confident that they had the information needed to prepare for a disaster. Over the course of the events, more than 5 million media impressions were generated.

Honorable Mentions 

  • GroundFloor Media - Establishing ColoradoUnited as the Brand and Voice of Colorado’s Recovery from the 2013 Floods
  • Singer Associates – Children’s Hospital Oakland