Nonprofit PR Awards 2015: Nonprofit Communicator of the Year

Winner: Angela Peluso — Verizon Foundation 

Angela Peluso is a communications powerhouse who is dedicated to catalyzing social change. Under her leadership, the Verizon Foundation drives major visibility for social problems, elevating the role of technology and its social solutions, as well as providing impactful high scale philanthropic programs to reach those most in need. Taking this analytical approach is how technology at the Verizon Foundation is providing benefits and fulfilling the promise of affecting social change.

For more than 17 years at Verizon, Angela has pushed the envelope, bypassing what is expected and driving the company into the future. She has not only transformed the way CSR is perceived at Verizon, she has changed the entire conversation around the work, from one-sided, self-promotion dialogues to compelling stories about the impact of the work and the people it touches. She has implemented a culture of storytelling that has humanized Verizon and the technology that is at the heart of its CSR work.