Top Places to Work in PR 2014: TogoRun


In keeping with the spirit of the sled dog that TogoRun draws its name from—the untold story of Togo, the undersized Siberian husky who traveled a treacherous 350 miles to save an Alaskan village from a deadly outbreak of diphtheria—working for the company is a marathon, not a sprint. Each new employee is assigned a line manager who oversees their development and is available for regular meetings and impromptu conversations to discuss workload, opportunities or anything else that is top of mind.

To foster and develop employee growth beyond the firm TogoRun offers a sabbatical program with six-weeks partial pay for employees to peruse a passion of their choice.

Starting every week with a “Manic Monday Lunch” and ending with “Wine Down Fridays” TogoRun keeps its employees connected with regular social gatherings, realizing and maintaining that one of its core strengths is the family-like environment in each office.