Top Places to Work in PR 2014: SHIFT Communications

SHIFT Communications 

Shift Communications offers its employees a wide array of benefits ranging from a competitive 401k program to voting time off, but you could find these at many other firms. Most importantly, the benefits SHIFT offers are always expanding, fueling the company’s desire to cultivate an environment where team cohesion, life balance and fertile ground for innovation and exploration are considered the norm, not a perk. The success of their fluid and evolving benefits program makes it easy to see how 40% of Shift’s senior management started with the firm as junior staffers.

Volunteerism is also a key tenant of being a SHIFTer. The company encourages all employees to take advantage of eight paid hours to help at a homeless shelter, nail a few shingles for Habitat for Humanity or whatever their heart desires. SHIFT also has a Social Good Committee in each of their offices that comes together around an issue and finds ways for SHIFT as a company to pitch in. Currently, their issue is education; so don’t be surprised to find SHIFTers holding book drives for local schools and more in each of their office locations.