Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Ruder Finn

Ruder Finn 

Ruder Finn is known to foster an environment where employees stay and grow their career for many years. The senior leadership team has an impressive tenure, working at Ruder Finn for an average of more than 19 years. Additionally, the firm prides itself on the longevity of its staff, many of who began in the executive trainee program and stay with the company four to six years on average. In fact, 43% of our current U.S. staff started their careers at RF as an executive trainee.

Ruder Finn’s culture is defined by storytellers, insight-miners, social connectors, boundary-pushers and ambitious dreamers who believe that achieving excellence today is intrinsically connected to pursuing what’s next. The agency fosters an atmosphere of innovation and imagination, where employees can experiment with cutting-edge innovations and discover how these technologies are revolutionizing the future of communications and their impact on the firm’s work.

The artwork of David Finn, who co-founded the agency 65 years ago, fills Ruder Finn’s halls, reminding staff to learn something new every day and pursue their passions. The staff has a hunger for knowledge and a constant pursuit of excellence that makes Ruder Finn truly entrepreneurial in spirit.

From the longevity of the senior leaders to the company’s mentor systems, Ruder Finn fosters a caring and supportive community. Ideas from all employees—no matter the level—are invited, respected and considered, creating an encouraging and open culture where they truly treat each other like family.