Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Peppercomm


One thing that corporate culture isn’t usually defined as is silly, but when the co-founder of Peppercomm has a host of nicknames for an employee and the president will stop by for small talk, the benefits of such a lighthearted approach show through in the firm’s 13 percent turnover rate.

Ever wonder how to keep your sense of humor in the fast-paced world of PR? Requiring its employees be trained in standup comedy is not only how Peppercomm retains smiles, but also gives employees a unique and fun way to hone their presentation skills and learn to get a better read on audiences.

The company’s working philosophy is that a diverse workforce helps to better understand and reflect the diversity of the clients they represent. It also helps employees better understand the clients’ customers, as well as the surrounding world. For this reason, Peppercomm works to hire people of multiple backgrounds, cultures and orientations. Of course, the work doesn’t stop there. Peppercomm provides cultural instruction as part of the development workshops it offers, including helping managers to recognize and respond to different cultural norms.