Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Moore Communications Group

Moore Communications Group

At Moore Communications Group, the goal is always to do great work and the leadership team has worked tirelessly to strip away anything that hinders employees from this objective. The staff is encouraged to dress casually and comfortably (jeans are permitted all week) and canine companions are welcome. In fact, it’s not unusual to see founder and CEO Karen Moore sitting on the floor, petting one of the many team members’ dogs—in a full suit.

To keep employees healthy and happy, MCG offers an optional wellness program, in which 100 percent of employees participate. Activities include lunch and learn sessions with the State of Florida executive chef, yoga sessions and healthy potlucks. Another productivity boost comes in the form of standing desks, purchased by MCG for staff choosing to participate. To date, more than half of staff work at a standing desk and report an overall increased feeling of wellness, which translates to happier employees, both in and out of the office.