Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Marina Maher Communications

Marina Maher Communications 

At Marina Maher Communications, the core belief is that what makes a great organization is hiring great talent, helping them flourish and rewarding them when they do.

MMC is a high-touch organization. Formal and informal communication with senior management, including the CEO, is open to everyone. Internal communications continue with an expansive company intranet for in-house communications, while exciting agency and client news is shared publicly—staffers love to share, retweet and forward this news through their own social channels.

MMC has worked hard to differentiate itself from competitors large and small by creating the kind of culture that allows world-class talent to excel. This generation of talent flourishes in a flexible and supportive environment where they are valued enough to work autonomously. Their work is rewarded with not only annual bonuses; spot bonuses are also offered throughout the year and referral of new business can result in a “Perfect 10” business development cash bonus for any level employee of $10,000.

But it’s never just about the work; having fun and down time are essential for energy and creativity. One of the agency’s mantras is ”celebrate everything,” and they do—from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo...if there is something to celebrate, they will.