Top Places to Work in PR 2014: J Public Relations

J Public Relations

J Public Relations knows staying motivated, and most importantly, passionate about PR is about more than crafting perfect pitches or executing seamless press trips and desksides. It’s about a company culture that makes coming to work every day less about coming to “work” and more about spending your days (and nights) with people you genuinely like, managed by team members who respect you and the work you do, while giving you enough room to make mistakes and learn from them, and a work environment that’s simply a nice place to be.

JPR has also set up a fun monthly benefit for the team called “gabs.” Each gab team is made up of a senior-level team member and a junior. They are allotted a few hours per month and budget money to go off-site for a chat session. This can happen over a morning smoothie and a hike or a pedicure and salad. We let the teams choose what works for them and no formal reporting is required. This is simply a “safe place” for the more junior and mid-level team members to talk about their jobs, life and ask questions in a judgment free zone.

The firm likes to keep things interesting and offers the JPR team fun benefits that they’ll actually enjoy. The company offers Suja juice in the kitchen, for a healthy drink on the go. They also provide JPR team members with a discounted rate at the city’s best gym, which is very close to the office. JPR pays for downtown parking and pays 50% of cell phone costs.