Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Hunter Public Relations

Hunter Public Relations

Through a distinctly Hunter PR tradition, employees are offered Cupcakes & Cocktails every Wednesday. A thematic cart, that often represents one of the firm’s many wine or spirits brands, makes its way through the office allowing each employee to partake in a sweet. If an employee’s birthday falls on the day, the cart is dedicated to that person, featuring their favorite cupcake and cocktail. Otherwise, the cart will be themed to a timely holiday or client event.

As a way for employees to share their passions and build a more inclusive culture, Hunter PR has a specific committee to manage off-site events—its “Parks and Rec Committee." Employees can submit a formal application for a “grant” to fund a staff outing, typically including 8-10 people. If approved, a handful of employees will have the opportunity to partake in the fun. Recent examples include a self-defense class, ceramic painting at Color Me Mine, a Mets game and a movie night to see The Fault In Our Stars.