Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Highwire PR

Highwire PR

Work is something the majority of us must do to make a living and the reality is we spend a good chunk of our lives “at the office.” Because of this it’s important to be in a place where you are doing something more than churning out mediocrity. Highwire strives to be that place.

Highwire is a place where stellar work is demanded, but in order to achieve this caliber of result, the company has implemented numerous programs designed to aid the individual and fuel their ambition both personally and professionally.

Fostering professional growth is taken very seriously at Highwire. Not only does Highwire formally assign each employee a manager to oversee their professional growth, they also allow each employee to choose their own mentor to connect in all areas of our company culture. Mentor and mentee have weekly check-ins; grab coffee, take walks around the neighborhood and talk about both work-related and personal happenings. Younger employees can go to this person for advice from someone they personally trust and know has their best interests at heart. This kind of support definitely creates a comfortable, open and free work environment.