Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Henson Consulting

Henson Consulting 

Henson Consulting holds kindness as its central tenet and core value—in client interaction and internal communication. When hiring, the company also looks for employees with smarts, creativity, passion and hustle. The team is extraordinarily close—truly a family. Employees celebrate life accomplishments and milestones and shower each other with support on birthdays, in honor of personal victories, and “just because.” Also, employees are encouraged to pursue personal passions outside of work, so that they are able to bring joy and fulfillment into the workplace environment.

By bringing in great employees and exemplifying the value of their culture, HC has never laid off an employee in its 13-year history. Additionally, employees of HC are rewarded through a commission bonus system for engaging new clients, and bonuses are given throughout the year for outstanding performance.