Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Edelman


“At Edelman, everyone is an account executive.” Those words, said years ago by founder Dan Edelman, ring true today. Walk the halls and in any office, you’ll sense a fast-moving but collegial style laced with moments of laughter. Edelman trains its employees to live according to the agency’s core values of Respect, Quality, Integrity, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Mutual Benefits and Citizenship.

The annual Edelman Escape contest awards 30 winners an extra week of vacation and the financial ability to “live a dream” of their own or “give a dream” to a cause. Past winners have produced film scripts, studied culinary arts and aided countless volunteer organizations across the globe.

Citizenship is so important to the Edelman culture that it’s one of the core company values. Employees are encouraged to share their talents, be involved in their communities and apply for Edelman Investment Grants of up to $2,500 for the organizations with which they participate. In 2013, Edelman funded 117 grants and provided nearly $4 million in cash, volunteerism and in-kind giving.