Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Eastwick


Eastwick has created a company culture that is really culture by design. The leadership team believes that employees should come first, so staffers have been empowered to create a grassroots culture that’s uniquely Eastwick. The Eastwick culture is passionate, curious and a little nerdy, invested in doing good work and creating exceptional results. The firm has a beautiful loft office in San Francisco that brings the energy of the city into its work. The office in Sunnyvale sits in the middle of Silicon Valley, so it’s only a stone’s throw from many of the firm’s clients. The staff has the flexibility to work from either location and can experience both the valley and city tech culture

The company has woven training and coaching into its DNA, including the recent introduction of a new program called “Eastwick Education,” with four tracks—equip, expand, empower and energize—tailored to professional development and keeping staff up-to-date on the skills they need, as well as fueling professional aspirations. The “equip” track provides productivity and tools training; “expand” covers communications skills training; “empower” provides management and leadership training; and “energize” introduces life and wellness sessions to help our employees live a balanced life.

Eastwick also partners with an international agency for an exchange program, giving employees the opportunity to learn more about the industry from another firm aboard.