Top Places to Work in PR 2014: DeVries Global

DeVries Global

DeVries Global has a very low turnover rate—the average DeVries employee tenure is four years, well above the industry standard, and for those in leadership positions the average tenure is eight years. This low turnover rate can only be attributed to the happiness of its employees, who rate their satisfaction between 83% and 99%.

One opportunity DeVries offers employees is a “secondment” program, which gives them the chance to work from a different DeVries Global office for a period of time. The first DeVries New York employee to participate in this program is currently working in the London office for a one-year term.

DeVries Global shows its dedication to employees by creating a culture where individual differences are not only respected but celebrated, where training and development opportunities are ample, where the mood is “disciplined informality”—buttoned-up when needed without ever losing a sense of humor.

With free manicures on Mondays and bar carts with themed drinks and decorations at the end of each week, DeVries makes sure its employees are treated well in return for their hard work.