Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Borshoff


The Borshoff team members are hard-working, focused, competitive and results-oriented. Each employee embodies the Borshoff LAWS: Listen carefully, Analyze critically, Work passionately, Serve relentlessly. In between and around all that listening, analyzing and serving a “fun committee” organizes monthly activities ranging from visiting ice cream trucks to dressing up and supporting the local professional teams.

The Peer Support Buddy system matches each new employee with a seasoned colleague to help them learn the ropes during their first year. These mentors are close to the same level as the new employee, offering a different and perhaps more relaxed support than one’s supervisor. Borshoff also offers peer groups to supplement the buddy system, giving its professionals the opportunity to openly discuss challenges or opportunities with those at a similar experience level.

Furthering the feeling of community, Borshoff believes it truly does take a village—its “Bring your Baby to Work” program allows employees to bring their 6-week to 6- month-olds to the office. Everybody loves the little ones in their midst, and happily welcomed Borshoff’s 14th baby in 2013. This is also a great retention tool—all but one participating parent are still on staff.