Top Places to Work in PR 2014: Beckerman


At Beckerman no employee is a stranger to another, and friendships transcend company hierarchy. It’s not uncommon to see the CEO dueling against an intern in ping-pong while a director is stuffing envelopes for a press kit. Even in such a competitive industry, Beckerman’s employees stay noticeably grounded and humble—no senior staff grows too big for their britches, and no interns are voiceless or browbeaten.

Beckerman recently renovated “The Pit,” its main workspace, to create a more open, collaborative atmosphere. Now affectionately coined “The ‘b’ Hive,” the new workspace is reminiscent of a newsroom, with account managers of all levels positioned in close quarters.

Beckerman’s internship program offers regularly scheduled learning sessions, or classes, lead by mid- to senior-level staff members. The learning sessions offered range from “how to craft and deliver the perfect pitch” to “proper client etiquette.” Due to the success of Beckerman’s robust mentoring program, interns are frequently hired as full-time staff post graduation.

Beckerman isn’t a mega-firm, nor is it trying to be. The company maintains a decidedly human element, preserving an egalitarian approach to improving its inner workings and evaluating performance. Every employee has a voice,  and this philosophy contributes to Beckerman’s culture of benevolence and mutual respect. While ping-pong games, softball teams, scavenger hunts and group playlists are huge boosters of fun and morale, what sets Beckerman apart is its consistent high-quality public relations product while focusing deeply on the happiness and growth of each of its employees.