Top Places to Work in PR 2014: The Bateman Group

The Bateman Group

The Bateman Group favors organic growth. With annual reviews, a strong mentorship program as well as personal managers, the company ensures that the career goals of all employees are heard, and actively assists to make sure they are met. Each individual employee’s passions are aligned with the account assignments given to them. Some staffers prefer startups while others want to experience working with global brands. They also ensure that each employee is building expertise in more than one technology sector. As a result,  employees feel they are increasing their personal value in the marketplace while expanding the number of potential career directions.

The agency stresses strong team orientation by working closely together to deliver stellar work while recognizing everyone's individual contributions and empowering employees at all levels. Each employee has a distinct voice in Bateman’s culture—a voice to which senior management listens closely.

In the spirit of its core value of open communication, Bateman collectively developed “The Bateman Way,” an internal living wiki that provides how-to information on everything from benefits to email hacks to best practices with clients. The wiki continues to grow and change daily as the entire team takes ownership of keeping it up to date with information.