Top Places to Work in PR 2014: AOL Corporate Communications

AOL Corporate Communications

Most corporations are hierarchal in nature, whereas AOL is more of a meritocracy—which is a key differentiator and where the company truly shines. For example, Nadia Basil came into her role to support a communications team at a tactical level, and has since moved on to manage all of AOL’s corporate social media channels and editorial calendar for the corporate blog. At AOL, it’s never a question of “Can we do this?” but rather, “Do you have the data to prove this is worth doing?”

Almost twice a week, employees have the chance to attend an #AOLBuild session in-house featuring prominent speakers, spanning all sorts of verticals. Recently employees have gotten the chance to hear (and tweet at) the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Bailey and star & co-producers of 22 Jump Street, Ice Cube and Phil Lord. The company’s mantra is “we build brands” and that extends to its employees brands and careers—this series is designed to do just that by providing a forum for employees to get advice and perspective from some of the biggest brand builders and creative minds in the world.

AOL goes one step further by offering pre-approved employees 100% reimbursement for further education including tuition, books and certain fees. Employees can also take advantage of countless in-house activities, ranging from learning code, to intermediate Exel, and critical management skills.

From the CEO of AOL Brand Group, Susan Lyne, to the president of & Lifestyle Brands, Maureen Sullivan, women at AOL are shattering the once-ubiquitous-in-tech glass ceiling.

Broken-glass ceiling or not, the advancement of women doesn’t stop within the confines of AOL’s office buildings. While individuals are posing the question of, “Where are the women?” AOL is answering them. Sullivan recently moderated a panel, “Where Are the Women? A look at Industries: Sports, Tech, Media & Beyond,” shedding light on the need for female role models and breaking down stereotypes.