2014 Platinum PR Awards: SEM/SEO Initiatives or Campaigns

Winner: Lucas Group - SEO that Drives Real Results 

Not too long ago, Lucas Group’s SEM/SEO initiative was stuck in La Brea tar by utilizing an ineffectual, indistinctive print media sponsorship and a disorganized, outdated and inadequate pay-per-click lead generation program.

The company needed more than a change of tactics; it needed to revitalize its understanding of SEM/SEO. New leadership decided to focus on SEM/SEO as a core element in the ideation, creation and promotion of content rather than a marketing tactic, while requiring a commitment to meticulous data analysis, intelligent content development, integrated and purposeful program management and continual evaluation and alteration.

Using the above tactics, client lead generation has increased by 85% between 2011 and 2013, attributable revenue has grown by 133% over the same time period and organic search traffic now accounts for over 62% of all website traffic.

Honorable Mention:

  • O'Reilly DePalma - Steaming Up Organic SEO for Mr. Steam