Digital PR Awards: Social Networking Campaign

Winner: Sway Group - Energems Chocolate Energy Energize Facebook Community

Energems Chocolate Energy are bite-sized, hard-coated gems made with delicious chocolate that contain caffeine, B vitamins, Suntheanine and a unique energy blend. The product is a low-calorie, more portable, non-jittery, boost that enhances focus and concentration that can be consumed anywhere, anytime.

For this endeavor, Sway Group proposed a national blogger campaign with an accompanying sampling initiative to drive brand recognition and increase sign-ups for the Energems Facebook app – a widget capturing contact information in return for a free mailed sample of Energems. Working with the company’s extended network of massive Sway bloggers, Sway Group recruited 80 unique content publishers across the country to build awareness and generate positive buzz for Energems.

The response was, appropriately, massive. On September 10, 2013, two days after the campaign start, the Energems Facebook app grew from 22 sample requests to more than 4,000 sample requests in approximately two hours. Facebook likes increased from 8,500 fans to 13,000 in the same timeframe and hundreds more were added every five minutes.

As a direct result of the Sway Group bloggers’ efforts, Energems received more than 100,000 free sample sign-ups, more than 7.3 million impressions with 2.3 million people reached, and an increase of 44,210 Facebook fans at the completion of the first phase of the campaign, as the messages of convenience, great taste, low-calorie and energy boosting properties were conveyed in the sponsored content. Phase two delivered 2.6 million impressions with 1.3 million people reached and an increase of 10,000 more fans to the Facebook page.

Honorable Mentions:

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·               Boza Agency - Florida Renaissance Festival steps into the Digital Era

·               Coty Inc. - The Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

·               Kronos Incorporated - Tweet to Donate

·               Ogilvy Public Relations - A LinkedIn First: Reaching B2B Customers in an Unexpected Way

 ·              RF|Binder on behalf of Truvia brand, Cargill Inc. - Celebrate #HealthierHolidays Using Truvia Baking Blend

 ·              Safe Kids Worldwide - Keeping Kids Safe Around Medicine

 ·              SPM Communications - The Krystal Company Stacker Taste Tour

 ·              Weber Shandwick on behalf of MilkPEP - Protein Fight Club