Digital PR Awards: Podcast or Videocast

Winner: AT&T Corporate Communications - Around the Globe, AT&T employee newscast

AT&T’s Around the Globe was inspired by an offhand comment from a senior officer who said he wished they could present company news in a brief video format. Corporate Communications leaders thought that sounded like a really interesting idea, so they created a pilot episode that was tested at the AT&T Officers Conference last fall—and the pilot was a hit.

After a few practice episodes and much fine-tuning, Around the Globe was launched in February 2014. It started as weekly, until it found its footing, then moved to a twice-weekly schedule in March. The newscast is produced by a core team of nine Corporate Communications employees, all of whom have other internal or external comms duties as well. The team (located in five different US cities) meets daily by phone to discuss the content for upcoming shows.

Team members write and edit the script, gather or create visuals to help tell each story and work with the in-house media productions team to record it. Post-production work is handled by the Employee Comms video team in Connecticut. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the show is recorded, edited and distributed, via email and the intranet, to all employees for viewing on either a mobile device or computer. Open captions are added to a video file that is uploaded to digital signage for potential viewing by approximately 30,000 employees across 54 buildings.

Around the Globe now receives an average of 17,215 views per newscast. The most popular one so far has received more than 29,000 views. More than 88,000 employees – about one third of the company – have watched at least one episode.

Honorable Mentions:

•             Content Marketing Institute - This Old Marketing Podcast with Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose

•             San Francisco International Airport - Inside SFO