Digital PR Awards: Online Community

Winners: Biosector 2 and Novartis Oncology - Count Us, Know Us, Join Us: Uniting the Advanced Breast Cancer Community and Pfizer and GCI Health - Establishing a Voice for Fibromyalgia Patients on Facebook.

Biosector 2 and Novartis Oncology - Count Us, Know Us, Join Us: Uniting the Advanced Breast Cancer Community

Biosector 2 and Novartis Oncology partnered with the advocacy community to develop the Count Us, Know Us, Join Us (Count Us) program to provide ready access to information and resources specific to the advanced breast cancer (ABC) community, in addition to a global platform to help make their voices heard and make them feel counted.

Tactics included facilitating a more powerful united advocacy presence online and building/sustaining Novartis Oncology’s relationships with key groups by creating an advisory board; giving the community multiple online platforms and social media touchpoints needed to rally support from stakeholders and the larger public; and generating traditional and social media attention to insert the advanced breast cancer community into the mainstream breast cancer dialogue.

The campaign also developed an interactive website tool allowing supporters to be counted on behalf of the community; users choose their affiliation, representative icon and personal information. The effort also streamlined the social media campaign/presence by employing hashtag #advancedBC; developed an online talk show featuring members of the ABC community; and created a password protected advocacy e-toolkit containing approved assets for groups to use within their own organizations and social/digital platforms.

Following the re-launch of, there was a 100% increase in site traffic since Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2011; in fact, the website has received 192,114 unique visits with nearly 500,000 page views. On Twitter, @Novartis generated 10.3M+ impressions from 547 tweets with #advancedBC receiving 1,363 retweets.

Pfizer and GCI Health - Establishing a Voice for Fibromyalgia Patients on Facebook.

Pfizer and GCI Health collaborated to create a much-needed Facebook community to provide valuable, consistent and supportive information about Fibromyalgia (FM) to the patient community. The team aimed to create a new community of patients to share their experiences and offer support to each other. This community also provides an invaluable touch point between Pfizer and the established advocates, positioning Pfizer as a true FM partner.

The team announced the launch of the Facebook page, encouraging visits and shares among the community, in a simultaneous launch of the results of the Functioning with Fibro patient survey—a Pfizer-funded survey conducted with the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA) and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). The call-to-action was to visit the page to learn more about the survey. The survey assessed over 1,200 U.S. adults diagnosed with FM on the extent to which FM pain impacted their lives. As seen in the comments posted by visitors, posts that highlighted the survey findings were well-received. One user posted, “Thanks for all of the info. It helps me realize I am not alone.” Another said, “Thank you, Pfizer, for your help!”

Surrounding Fibromyalgia Awareness Day (FMAD) on May 12, 2014, the team launched a campaign to rally community action to support those living with FM. The 12 FMAD specific posts featuring the campaign’s call-to-action reached a total audience of more than 478,000; the community responded with 18,450+ likes, 7,550+ shares and 1,400+ comments. The initial post sharing the Impact of Fibromyalgia Pain video received the highest ever engagement on the page, accumulating 4,700+ Likes, 300+ comments and 4,500+ shares. The video itself reached a total audience of more than 245,000.

Honorable Mentions:

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•             Marina Maher Communications - No Woman Should Die Giving Life: Merck for Mothers Builds and Engages a Facebook Community to Get Informed About Maternal Mortality

•             Mashable - MashableReads

•             MWW - Stronger than the Storm: Using the power of social media to support NJ shore businesses and communities

•             RF|Binder on behalf of CVS Health - CVS Health Highlights Commitment to Community via Twitter

•             United Nations Foundation - SocialGood Global Community