Digital PR Awards: New Digital Service/Product

Winner: Accenture - is the dynamic online presence for Accenture, a $28.6 billion global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. In December 2013, Accenture launched Accenture Digital to deliver integrated digital business and technology services—across digital marketing, mobility analytics, social and cloud – to clients.

To support and promote Accenture Digital, Accenture needed to update to reflect all of the new services. The objective was to deliver the new information to the target audience in a simple, intuitive and compelling presentation that would generate the maximum traffic to the detailed information about Accenture’s services.

The strategy for achieving this objective called for identifying the most crucial elements of the website to enhance with a bold digital execution.  Accenture also created a series of new web pages on its global website and promoted the new pages from its global home page with an engaging, animated visual feature. The animation leveraged a visual metaphor of a dandelion to illustrate how Accenture’s approach to digital can help clients grow their businesses in entirely new ways.

The animated piece ran just over six seconds and targeted the website’s primary audience of senior executives serving large companies and government organizations. Visitors clicking through the animation were taken to the new Accenture Digital main page of the website. This new page delivers detailed, comprehensive information on how Accenture’s industry expertise, services, and insights combine with its integrated digital capabilities to drive tangible results for clients.

All told, the new Accenture Digital pages received nearly 50,000 visits during the first five weeks of the new program; in addition, promotion through social media drove 2.2M impressions in the first 7 weeks of the campaign, with Twitter driving 80% of the overall social impressions.

Honorable Mentions:

·               Blueocean Market Intelligence Services Private Limited - Social Profiling Platform

·               BP and Ogilvy Public Relations - The Advocacy Index: Activating Passionate Fans

·               National Retail Federation - A new From twenty web properties to one cohesive user experience

·               University of Alberta - MOOC v2.0 - Dino 101