Digital PR Awards: Media Relations Campaign

Winner: Access Communications - Intuit Small Business Big Game

Intuit tapped Access Communications and its advertising agency RPA to create Small Business Big Game, a yearlong program that would thrust small business owners onto the national stage with the opportunity for one small business winner to reach 100 million plus Americans in one sitting on Super Bowl Sunday.

Intuit created a program that engaged small businesses over a nine-month period that asked small businesses to share their stories with the world, while rewarding them along the way with grants and other incentives, with a big pay-off for one lucky small business at the end. The program culminated with one small business getting a fully paid for and produced advertisement on Super Bowl Sunday 2014, which would spotlight small businesses on the world stage and give them the opportunity big business only can traditionally afford. Intuit wanted to make the point of the importance of small businesses by purchasing an ad for a small firm with less than 50 employees to help spur growth.

The campaign generated positive word of mouth and media coverage in business and consumer interest outlets that positions Intuit and Small Business Big Game as a key facilitator of small business growth via 2 billion media impressions and 55% message pull through. In fact, Intuit’s Small Business Big Game program has been the largest coverage driver in Intuit’s history – generating 13 billion impressions with more than 4,000 articles. Coverage metrics include 95% of coverage underscoring importance of small businesses. More than half of the coverage mentioned Intuit small business flagship product QuickBooks. Tone is 95% positive and 98% of articles feature direct links to the site.

Honorable Mentions:

•             Bhava Communications - Be Bold: Turning the Right Place and the Right Time into PR Magic

•             Capitol Media Partners - Bowe Bergdahl's Platoon Members Speak

•             Cramer-Krasselt - Johnsonville Brattender Campaign

•             TopFire Media - Saving Face