Digital PR Awards: Location-based Digital Campaign

Winner: Adobe Create Now Tour for use of Facebook Custom Audiences

In the spring of 2013, Adobe reinvented itself as a leading solution for creatives with the announcement of the Adobe Creative Cloud. This solution introduced a new user experience for Adobe Creative Suite users migrating from its traditional, single-box software to a united cloud based subscription solution. In order to build awareness of Creative Cloud, Adobe identified the opportunity to expand its existing Create Now events into a Create Now World Tour, inclusive of a 12-city in-person North American tour for the fall of 2013.

The execution of the Create Now World Tour campaign was done through the Facebook advertising platform, which allowed the delivery of customized content for each location’s target audience. To execute the campaign, the first step was to define the twelve target audiences based on their proximity to the event as defined by their Facebook location and leverage Facebook custom audiences in order to identify individuals that had a history with Adobe already.

Adobe was one of the first Fortune 1,000 companies to use Facebook custom audience targeting in a unique way to drive event registration. Through effective targeting and personalization to a qualified audience using Facebook custom audiences, the campaign specifically accounted for the fact that over 60% of attendees represented the campaign’s target audience; the campaign also resulted in 13% of all traffic to the Create Now World Tour landing page, with over 76.5K page views and over 61K unique visitors; and promoted content resulted in over 3.8 million views. It also resulted in 11% of the total registrations (9,382) for the 12 events, leading to 4,114 total attendees.

Honorable Mentions:

•             Eastern Virginia Medical School - Ready for Residency (Pilot Program)

•             Esurance - Fuelcaster