2014 PR News Agency Elite Awards: Reputation Management

Winner: MWW – Making MWW Matter More

MWW’s approach to reputation management means playing the hand you’re dealt—meaning a company’s network of stakeholders including customers, influencers, investors, employees and advocates all play an integral part in the conversation about their brand. MWW sees this network as a series of voices that drive reputation. They believe that beyond maintaining trust, a firm must actively seek out relevance to be able to control their image.

MWW’s winning strategies helped Deloitte LLP chairman Punit Renjen “redefine business performance”  and become a thought leader in generating positive impact in business beyond just quarterly profits. Renjen became a go-to expert on the “culture of purpose” that he wanted businesses to focus on by landing interviews at publications such as Forbes and Fast Company, and securing coverage in outlets like Fox Business and the San Francisco Chronicle. They also made business media start paying attention to Coinstar as a serious retail innovator by introducing the media to the company’s broader innovation story. Media highlights include a feature story in the New York Times and broadcast coverage on CNBC, Fox Business Network and Bloomberg Television. MWW’s efforts have helped Coinstar’s brand story continue to unfold in major business media outlets.

MWW’s work continues to activate, elevate and amplify its clients’ impact on the business community.

Honorable Mentions:

  • MassMedia Corporate Communications – Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning
  • ShopPR