7 Tips for a Splashy Launch on Pinterest

PRSA recently redefined public relations as a “strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” That definition could do double-duty as a description of Pinterest.

The image-sharing social network provides PR pros and brands with a fun and unique way to build a community based on similar interests. With the mere act of pinning images, brands can create instant emotional connections with audiences and add depth and personality to their products or services. 

The following seven tips from Michael Bepko, global online community manager, Whole Foods Market, and Kaelin Zawilinski, digital editorial manager, Better Homes and Gardens, can be applied to most brands looking to connect with new audiences on Pinterest. And if you think you may not have enough of your own images to warrant a launch on Pinterest, that might just mean you need to align your overall digital strategy with the realities of the increasingly visual nature of social media.

  1. Define Your Goals: Before diving into Pinterest, decide what you would like to accomplish. Is your main goal to engage your users, drive traffic to the company Web site or increase general awareness of your brand?

  2. Make Your Presence Known: Promote your brand's presence on Pinterest on all channels. Announce the creation of your new Pinterest page to your followers on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to include a “Follow us on Pinterest” link on your company Web site and other social media platforms.

  3. Use Pinterest as a Research Tool: Pay attention to what your target market is pinning, liking, commenting and repinning. The images they interact with say something about who they are and offer insight into their wants and needs.

  4. Tell a Story: Pinterest enables you to tell a story visually without resorting to tired, traditional marketing tactics. PR pros with top storytelling skills can really flourish on this platform.

  5. Activate Influencers: Reach out to bloggers who are already pinning about your company or industry. Use PinReach or ZoomSphere to find out who the influencers are, how influential they are and how well they fit with your brand.

  6. Add the “Pin It” Button: The “Pin It” button is an extremely valuable tool; it allows people to pin images directly from your Web site. By adding this button to your company site you can transform consumers into brand ambassadors.

  7. Maintain Engagement: In order to continue to engage users, make sure to appoint someone to pin content daily; 15-20 times a day seems to be the magic number for Better Homes and Gardens. Make sure not to overload your followers by pinning all of your daily images at one time; instead, pin to different boards throughout the day.

Learn more about using Pinterest to reach new customers and brand fans at PR News' Aug. 9 Big 3 Conference in San Francisco.

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