Chew on These 5 Morsels of Snapchat Savvy From a PR Pro

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With Snapchat raking in over 100 billion video views a day, it's well past the time to say "Snapchat isn't right for my brand." Social media users everywhere are fleeing well-established giants like Facebook and Twitter for the ephemeral platform. But once you've locked down a witty username...what, exactly, should you be snapping to reel in the platform's rapidly growing demographic?

Carolina Valencia, senior director of corporate communications at Univision Communications, has some thoughts to help you generate some fresh ideas for your Snapchat content and guide your ascent to thought leader status. Below, she shares a few "bites" of wisdom to digest as you start snapping:

Don’t look at Snapchat through the rearview mirror—whether you’re a brand, a creator, an influencer, a media company or an agency, there are many ways you can entertain, inform or empower, depending on your overarching goal and the audience you’re trying to capture.

Here are some B.I.T.E.S to chew on as you launch your brand's Snapchat account:

Univision, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Carolina Valencia
Carolina Valencia, Univision

Behind the Scenes—See your brand's events as an opportunity for some storytelling on how each event came together. Showcase the people behind the magic to provide context and generate excitement before the actual event.

Influencer—Every organization has a subject matter expert. Don’t assume that celebrities are the only useful influencers on Snapchat. A good, informative snap just needs great storytelling of the subject by someone that can deliver it well.

Thought leadership—Showcase your organization’s expertise (or bread and butter, if you will) by leveraging talented colleagues and your most energetic employees on Snapchat. Ask them to talk about industry trends, what’s happening online or in the industry you serve.

Engage—Snapchat has enhanced that one-to-one connection with users like no other platform has. Take advantage of chats, stickers and emojis to connect with users. Make sure you’re acknowledging them on an individual level where possible and creating content that is reflective of their feedback, albeit aligned with your overarching goal.

Signal—Signal your presence on Snapchat through your other platforms. Share select Stories to tease the value of your content on Snapchat. Ensure your partners and employees are aware of your account. Signaling is key.

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